How To Make A Playground A Safe Haven

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With children in the home, you very likely have some type of permanent or semi-permanent play equipment in your yard, or maybe you even have a full fledged playground. This is a very good thing to have since your child will receive exercise while enjoying the benefits of fresh air. However, there are also some dangers that you need to keep in mind as a parent to make sure that the playground doesn’t become a risk to your children.

Take swings, for example. Children love to swing back and forth on swings, but if two swings were to be too close to each other, this could lead to them smacking together. They also shouldn’t be too close to the frame for the same reason.

The playground surface also needs to be taken into consideration. If it is too hard, a fall could be that much more dangerous. All equipment should also be inspected for damage, such as loose parts or rust, which could lead to damage if the equipment were to fail.