Water Heater Problems And Possible Solutions

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Problems with your water tank again? Every time you go and take a shower, it is always cold, and you can’t figure out why. Well here are a couple of problems you may have with your water tank, and how you can fix them.

If you start out in a shower with hot water, then 5 minutes later, the next thing you know the water is stone cold. One of the potential problems you could have is with the dip tube. The dip tube is basically a pipe inside the water heater that draws water from the top to keep water at the bottom of the tank. If it happens to break off, then you have rapid loss of heated water. So the simple thing to do is to replace the dip tube, by a qualified technician.

The next problem you could face is something as simple as having the thermostat turned to a lower temperature to save energy if it’s an electric water heater. The basic thing you do to fix it is to turn the thermostat up. If you are still having problems with your tank, then another thing you could look to is the heating element. This element simply heats your water then stores it in the tank. So you may just end up having to replace the element.

In conclusion, the best thing you can do to fix a water heater problem is to call a professional. However, if it is simple enough for you to do, then have at it, and may you have hot water days!